The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a thing or two, and some of the changes aren’t all bad. The way restaurants have adapted is remarkable! Are you wanting to offer a more bespoke outdoor space to accommodate your patrons?

There’s something so pleasant about sitting beneath a shade canopy to enjoy a drink with a friend. Being outside is always refreshing. Especially when you don’t have to worry about pulling out clunky umbrellas!

Keep reading for tips on how a restaurant canopy will bring your outdoor space to life. 

Outdoor Advantage

Besides enlarging your space, a restaurant canopy can expand your dining capacity. A sun shade canopy could provide a tranquil summery feel. And, even when it’s normally too cold to dine outdoors, a commercial canopy can create a warm, ambient terrace. 

Rearranging and moving outdoor furnishings is quite convenient because nothing is permanently fixed. This adds versatility with a look and feel that’s easy to reimagine. This is perfect if your restaurant uses seasonal decor or hosts themed events. 

A stylish canopy is an attractive feature for any establishment. Use heaters, string lights, and soft furnishings to create a comfortable terrace.

Making use of more outdoor space increases opportunities for people to meet up. Even though indoor hospitality has reopened for those who’ve been vaccinated. Particularly for guests who are extra cautious about COVID-19 and its variants. 

What to Look For in a Restaurant Canopy

You have a few options if you are considering purchasing any type of shade, wall, or restaurant canopy. A window canopy is wonderful if you’re adapting a tiny outdoor space. And a commercial sun canopy offers protection from UV rays. 

If you run an establishment or if you want a shade canopy for home entertainment, here are six things to consider:

  1. The structure should be durable and come with a guarantee  
  2. The canopy needs to be weather resistant, providing appropriate protection from the elements
  3. It helps to have a self-supporting structure that doesn’t need to be a permanent feature
  4. You’ll want one that looks good
  5. Installation must be easy and cost-effective to assemble  
  6. The size needs to fit your space

A restaurant canopy is always a good idea. Increasing your outdoor options means you’ll have more to offer. You could use your canopied space as a dance floor, cocktail bar, pizza lounge, or pleasant tea garden. 

Happy Guests Happy Host

Whether it’s happy hour at home with close friends or a socially distanced dinner party, you can provide the perfect setting with a bespoke canopied space. With good lighting and some thoughtful furniture, you can host a delightful experience. 

Happy guests will keep coming back. They’ll doubtless appreciate your considerate arrangements for new dining protocols and safety measures. And you’ll have all the boasting rights to the joyful occasions shared among friends. 

What are you waiting for? Get a restaurant canopy and update your entertainment space! If you’d like any advice on the best canopy for your place, contact us here!