Getting outside and into the fresh air is a great way to spend your leisure time, and doing up your garden or outdoor space can help you do this. In fact, 77% of Irish homeowners will spend more time outdoors if their garden has had a makeover. This is where getting a patio or garden canopy can help!

However, throughout the year average temperatures in Ireland can vary from 5°C in the winter to 15.5°C in summer. Because of this, your home canopy needs to be able to withstand a range of different temperatures and types of weather.

This is why polycarbonate canopies are such a good choice for Ireland. That said, you still need to take care of yours properly to keep it looking grand all year round.

Want to know more about looking after your fixed canopy? Read on now to find out all of our tops tips for residential canopy care!

Regularly Clean Your Home Canopy

If you have a polycarbonate house canopy then it is important to clean it regularly. This will minimise the risk of dirt and debris staining it.

Ideally, you should clean your canopy twice a year. However, if you notice any green or black deposits on it then you should clean these away immediately. This will stop them from causing stains.

Let’s take a look at the best way to do this.

Use Gentle Cleaning Agents on Your Canopy

When cleaning your canopy, make sure that you use a gentle detergent on it. A little washing up liquid in plenty of water should do the job.

You may also want to use an antistatic cleaning agent to stop static charges from building up and attracting dust. This will keep your canopy looking great between each clean.

Harsh chemical products can seriously damage polycarbonate, so steer clear of these.

Avoid Power Washing Your Canopy

No matter what style of canopy you choose, cleaning it will help to keep it looking fabulous all year round.

Power washers make light work of cleaning but they can also damage more delicate surfaces. This includes polycarbonate canopies so you should avoid using them at all costs.  

Clean It Using Soft Materials

A canopy for the front of your house can look brilliant. However, if it becomes scratched or damaged then it will quickly look the worse for wear. This is the last thing you want people to notice when they arrive at your home.

Rough cleaning surfaces, such as scourers, can scratch and damage your patio canopy.

When you are cleaning, make sure that you use a soft, microfibre cloth instead. This will protect the surface of your canopy.

Get Help Looking After Domestic Canopies 

There are plenty of things that you can do to keep your home canopy looking great. Keeping these in mind will help you to protect the investment you have made in it!

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