You look outside and think that it’s a beautiful day to enjoy a nice meal out on a restaurant patio. But after sitting outside for a while, you realise that the direct sun makes the patio a lot more miserable than it is relaxing.

That’s the truth for a lot of customers when they go out to restaurants. They want to enjoy the nice weather, but it can quickly become unbearable. However, extending your dining space outdoors is a wise business move.

So, what’s the solution?

A stylish canopy to add shade and protection from the elements can make your restaurant patio much more enjoyable for guests. Here is how to install one.

First, Customise Your Canopy

Canopies for restaurants can be beneficial to an outdoor space, but you also want them to be beautiful. Choose a heavy-duty commercial canopy that can stand up to the elements while still offering beauty to your space.

The frame colour and the glazing options on our canopies will provide a modern and stylish look no matter what combination you choose.

You’ll also want to have the proper measurements to ensure that your canopy fits over the entire patio. Measure your patio space to determine how large or small of a canopy you’ll need.

You’ll also want to consider roof projection when choosing your canopy. Keep in mind roof lines and where the canopy will attach to the structure. 

Gather Tools

Prestige restaurant canopies are easy to assemble and install with a minimum of two people. You’ll need a few tools to properly put together the canopy, including a rotary or hammer drill, a circular saw with a fine blade, drill bits, and a rubber mallet. A full list of tools is included in the guidebook.

The attachments are meant to be installed on brick, concrete block, or cast concrete. Other building materials may require alternative or additional attachments to anchor the structure.

Attach to the Structure

Installation of the Prestige Canopy is simple, though it is important to work slowly and thoroughly. First, you’ll attach the wall plate after measuring from the ground to the height of the canopy on the wall.

Mark and drill the holes into the surface. Insert the wall plugs then secure the wall plate to the side of your patio. Seal the top edge of the wall plate then add the post depending on the location of the canopy.

You’ll then be able to set up the roof of the canopy for a covered restaurant patio. More in-depth instructions are included in the guidebook.

Enjoy a Stylish Canopy for a Restaurant

Your guests will be wowed when they see a stylish canopy over your restaurant’s patio space. They’ll also be more comfortable sitting outside and feeling protected from the sun or rain.

When choosing a canopy for your restaurant, you want to choose one with durable materials that also don’t give up beauty. You can customise yours to be a canopy with poles or a fixed sun canopy to best fit your space.

Allow us to help transform your commercial building canopy into a beautiful design your guests will love. Browse the options on our Prestige Outdoor Patio Canopy to find yours.