Outdoor living space is one of the hottest trends in real estate, especially now in these pandemic times. People are extending their homes to the yard and maximising their square footage. In fact, an outdoor patio with landscaping adds more than 12% to your home’s value.

A canopy is one way to take your outdoor patio to the next level. Canopies provide a stylish addition to your backyard and have many practical uses.

Read on to learn how to enhance your outdoor living with a patio canopy. Explore how external canopies make your backyard more enjoyable and stylish.

Weatherproof Outdoor Space

Perhaps the number one reason to buy a canopy is for protection from the elements. Canopies are weather-resistant and provide coverage from rain, snow and more. They are extremely durable so do not break down during fierce windstorms.

Investing in a canopy is going to make you popular with your spouse and children! We have all worried about the weather forecast before a big barbeque or birthday party.

With a canopy roof overhead, you no longer need to stress about the weather. Your party can continue as planned with guests eating and drinking under the protection of a canopy.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

The installation is one reason that homeowners put off enhancing their backyard with a canopy. They are concerned that it is too difficult to do without a professional.

The truth is that a garden or sun canopy can be installed with standard tools. You do not need to be a licensed professional to install a canopy.

Marlon Clickloc panels simply click and lock together. The panels are light and easy to handle. The canopy is assembled quickly and does not take an excessive amount of time.

Sun Protection

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Nearly 20% of adults get skin cancer before they turn 70. A canopy provides you with protection from the sun.

Canopy panels are UV-resistant, meaning they provide protection from the sun’s rays. You will avoid painful sunburns and no longer need to lather up in sunscreen all summer long.

Also, the installation of a sun canopy makes your backyard more comfortable for everyone. Some regions get so hot that you do not even want to step outside in the summer. A few minutes in the sun and you are sweating through your shirt.

With a sun canopy, you remain in the shade. This allows you to enjoy the great outdoors for longer.

Increase Appeal

Another benefit to adding a canopy is making your backyard more appealing to potential buyers. Canopies are stylish and add a unique look to your outdoor living space.

Prospective buyers are aware of all the canopy benefits described here. They will view your house in a more favourable light, knowing about the sun and weather protection that canopies provide.

Enhance Outdoor Living With a Patio Canopy

Now is the time to act and purchase a DIY patio canopy for your home. It will make guests more comfortable and provide protection against the weather.

It is a great investment and adds to your property value. If you are interested in purchasing a patio canopy, contact us today to speak with a product advisor.