“Al fresco” is an Italian term that when translated means “in the cool” or “in the open air”. Although it has a different meaning in Italy, it is set to become the latest trend in Ireland this summer. 

Outdoor dining is number one on Totally Dublin’s list of ’22 Trends and Flavours for 2022′. It’s not surprising as it has many benefits. A few of which are even more crucial since the pandemic.

Now is the perfect time to prep your restaurant for the expected influx of excited outdoor diners. In addition to extending your eating capacity, weather-resistant canopies can also provide shade for your patrons or protect them from inclement weather.

If you’re wondering how to choose them and where you can find durable ones that suit your decor’s style, read on.

Benefits of Weather-Resistant Canopies

There are many options for canopies when it comes to outdoor dining. They also provide many benefits including:

  • Greater social distancing
  • Protection from the weather
  • A reduction in the amount of heat coming into the restaurant
  • Greater ambience with the addition of lighting and fans

A canopy also increases the amount of space you can use to accommodate diners. This gives you the potential to increase the amount of traffic to your restaurant.   

5 Tips on Choosing Weather Resistant Canopies

One of your biggest considerations as a restaurant owner should be the comfort of your patrons. This should also be at the forefront of your mind when choosing canopies.

You won’t have to compromise on style for protection and durability. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your canopy to ensure achieve this:

1. Go for Strength and Durability

This is extremely important, as you want to protect diners. A weather canopy is an obvious choice but protection should be more than just from inclement weather, wind and sun. It’s also about having a self-supporting canopy that isn’t faulty and that doesn’t compromise the safety of your patrons.

2. Choose Appropriate Material

The material you choose will also be a factor when it comes to strength and durability. The best commercial canopy for a restaurant would be one with a 12-gauge aluminium frame.  This ensures it’s heavy duty. Thicker aluminium can also resist corrosion and is suitable for outdoor use. 

3. Ease of Installation

Once you find a durable canopy that has the right material, ensure it’s easy to install. This gives you more control and limits the labour and work needed to get your canopy up and ready for your customers.

4. Size and Weight

You’ll need to measure your space and consider how many tables you plan to have in your outdoor area. Knowing this will help you choose a canopy that’s an adequate size that will provide the coverage you need. 

Heavy duty doesn’t always have to mean heavy. You can have a sturdy canopy that’s lightweight enough that you can easily move and install it.

5. Glazing

You can protect your guests but still allow them to enjoy the outdoor feel. A canopy with a transparent top allows this.

However, you’ll need to be mindful of the sunlight beaming through. Some companies have the option of glazing. This allows you to choose a clear or more opaque top.

Of course, you’ll want to have all of the above at a reasonable price. When comparing canopy prices ensure they include these options so that you get value for your money.

Dining in Open Air and Comfort

The pandemic took a toll on the restaurant industry. However, restaurants now have a chance to serve their customers once more. It’s the perfect opportunity to be more creative with your space and resources.

Weather-resistant canopies provide a way to do this. They can create more seating space for customers and can ensure they are comfortable. This is especially important for patrons who want to practice social distancing. You’ll also want to get a canopy that’s durable and that works well in your setting. 

Canopies 4 U can provide this. Our canopies are weather-resistant, durable and easy to install. Contact us today to get your restaurant bustling again!