You can recall walking into a business that makes you feel welcome, like the business itself invites you through the door. A business creates its aesthetic and it’s important for how customers feel about the business. 

A storefront canopy can be a big part of that visual aesthetic for a business. Not only does it get your business noticed and promote your brand, but it also visually tells your customers some things about your business before they ever enter through the door. 

Read on to learn about creating the best storefront canopy for your business. 

1. Check Local Regulations

Before you get started deciding on the design of your commercial canopy, you want to take the time to check your local regulations. Does your local town or council have rules related to canopies?

Do they require any kind of permit for adding a canopy to your building? You don’t want to design the perfect canopy covering only to figure out there are restrictions related to size or type. 

Then you can take the regulations to your canopy designer when you go to plan.

2. Consider Your Branding

Identifying your brand and presenting it to customers has become more important than ever in today’s commercial world. The canopy on your business storefront can be an extension of your branding

Remember, this canopy will be a visual representation of your business. Consider the aesthetic you want to convey. Consider your other branding materials on your website and social media. Pay attention to colour and graphics from those and see what you can incorporate onto your canopy so it’s an extension of your business branding.

3. What Type of Shopfront Canopy Do You Want?

One of the first decisions will be what type of canopy you want to have over your business. Once you make that decision, you can start to consider the size and shape of the canopy you want. 

Stationary canopies come in a wide range of shapes from traditional to concave and convex, to dome, and arch design. 

4. Consider Material Options

Once you have decided on a shape for your canopy, you’ll want to consider what materials to use for the canopy. We recommend the use of polycarbonate panels. 

This material comes specially treated to prevent fading from the sun and other elements and is more durable than materials often used on canopies.

5. Colour and Graphics

Now comes the fun part of your canopy design, choosing colour and graphics. Here is a good time to think about your brand colours, if you have them. 

You can incorporate your logo onto your canopy or graphics too. Remember, you want people to be able to see and read it easily and from a distance. Some people navigate towards fonts that are complex and harder to read. Try to imagine how the canopy will look from a distance as you make decisions about design.

Design the Perfect Storefront Canopy for Your Business

A storefront canopy can be a great way to provide shade and shelter for your business and customers. But more importantly, it can act as a promotion for your business if designed thoughtfully. 

If you’re interested in adding a storefront canopy to your business, we can help. Contact us today to get started planning your business canopy.