COVID-19 has taught us all to adapt to changing environments. But being safe and healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t socialise or enjoy a nice meal with friends outside. 

To make the most out of your outdoor space, you should consider purchasing a shop canopy. They provide shade from the sun, protection from the rain, and they look great! 

Need more reasons to purchase a commercial canopy for your home or restaurant? Keep reading!

1. Weather-Resistant

Commercial canopies can stand up to all types of weather. The UV stabilised polycarbonate glazing panels are indestructible. You don’t need to worry about wind, rain, or heat damaging the panels or the structure.

A commercial shade canopy is also resistant to rust, rot, corrosion, and fungus. No amount of moisture or heat will ruin the canopy. So, if you’re planning to host an outdoor gathering at home or you want to open your restaurant patio for the season – you need a weather-resistant canopy.

2. Stylish

When you search “restaurant canopy” online, you might worry about finding something that will match your home or restaurant aesthetic. But with Prestige patio canopies you’ll get durability and style. Panels come in clear and opal glazing and the structure is sleek and simple.

It can be hard to attract new customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. But having a stylish new canopy for your patio could help draw in new customers off the street and bring back existing customers to see the recent updates. And if you plan to buy a canopy for your home, consider it a stylish remodel for the yard!

3. Durable

If you’re going to invest in top shop front canopy prices, you want to make sure the product will last a long time without maintenance. The UV stabilised polycarbonate glazing panels require no maintenance and the canopy comes with a 5-year system guarantee.

The panels are unbreakable meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing or fixing them. The durability of the canopy also makes it cost-effective. You can use it for years of outdoor dining even after COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

4. Easy Installation

COVID-19 has made even the simplest of activities more challenging. But not when it comes to commercial canopy installation. The outdoor patio canopy can be installed in less than a day! And you don’t have to be an expert craftsman to put it together – the steps are easy to follow and execute.

5. Safe

And finally, you need a canopy because it will allow people to socialise safely during a challenging time. COVID-19 has made it hard to comfortably see friends and family. But with. a great outdoor space, you can have peace of mind that you are safe while eating, drinking, and having fun.

Install a Shop Canopy Today

Searching for a shop front canopy near me? Look no further – at Prestige we have exactly what you need for your home or restaurant. We offer a top-of-the-line product for an affordable price and a great warranty.

You can check out the pricing guide online, or contact us with any questions you may have. Socialise safely this summer by installing a shop canopy today.