COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on restaurants and pubs around the world. In 2021, the Restaurants Association of Ireland estimated that half of Ireland’s restaurants were at risk of permanent closure. While restrictions related to the pandemic have relaxed overall, many establishments continue to struggle. 

One of the key factors determining whether a restaurant will stay afloat is whether or not they offer outdoor dining. Many businesses have expanded outdoors. Some have done so permanently, while some only to enjoy the temporary waiver on fees for outdoor seating. 

For those enterprises making a lasting change, a highly important consideration should be the quality of the outdoor restaurant space you create. You would be highly advised to invest in purchasing a restaurant canopy. 

Need convincing? After all, money may be sparse. Here are three reasons you should prioritise adding a commercial canopy to your outdoor seating space.

1. A Restaurant Canopy Will Attract Customers

Stylish canopies transform your restaurant’s patio into a fine dining setting that will attract people to your establishment. They add a level of class and visual appeal that most customers prefer.

Furthermore, a fixed canopy provides customers with an added sense of security and comfort, rather than simply sitting at a table outside. Purse holders will be able to enjoy their meal without worrying about theft, as the added enclosure deters pickpockets.

A restaurant canopy will also make your eatery stand out and appear more successful than those who have not made such a wise investment. Want to appear even more impressive? Consider installing an entrance canopy as well!

2. Invest Money to Gain Money

This is all well and good, but you may be focused on how much investing in a canopy will cost. However, what you should be considering is how much you will gain.

By expanding your outdoor space and adding a canopy, you will be able to seat more customers, which will lead to more revenue. Moreover, and as mentioned above, the canopy will draw more people to your tables. This is especially true in comparison to your competition who hasn’t made this wise investment. 

3. Relief from Inclement Weather

Last, but certainly not least, canopies protect your outdoor restaurant space from the elements. An outside sun canopy will protect your clients from harmful UV rays and solar heat.

Moreover, installing a canopy will prevent precipitation from ruining your customers’ meals. Rain falling on a dining experience may be romantic in movies, but reality is different. Showers can end a restaurant goer’s meal early and lead to a smaller tab that is settled far too quickly.

Get Your Restaurant a Patio Canopy Today!

The benefits of installing a restaurant canopy for your outdoor dining environment are clear and plentiful. Don’t let the pandemic, the elements, the competition, nor high energy costs drag your business down.

Ready to set your restaurant up with an attractive, money-saving, protective canopy? Contact us for help choosing the best canopy for your business!