Do you want to keep your customers comfortable while social distancing outside?

A shop canopy provides security, privacy, and protection. Often, it is also the first impression that your visitors receive. As businesses host their guests outside to maintain social distancing, the weather-resistant shop front canopy has become essential.

Of course, a canopy is an investment you should only make if there is a good chance your customers will enjoy the environment it creates. But if you need a canopy for your shop front, there are outdoor living experts who will be happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Types Of Canopies

There are two main types of canopies, a fixed canopy and a retractable canopy. The one you need heavily depends on the solution you need, so let’s discuss each in a bit of detail.


Fixed canopies are typically made of aluminium or metal, which means they’re more durable than material canopies. Additionally, fixed canopies can cost significantly more because they are usually weatherproof and can stand everything from heavy sun to snow.

These usually require little to no maintenance over the years and are used mainly by commercial businesses.


Retractable canopies are great for versatility and are perfect for the homeowner. Retractable canopies allow you to close off to the weather only when you want to, so if you prefer the sun streaming in during a particular time of the day, you can retract the canopy to allow for this. Conversely, you can also keep the canopy extended while there is bad weather like rain.

Three Benefits Of A Shop Front Canopy

Now that we know more about the different choices for canopies let’s look at the benefits you can get from installing them for your shop front.

1. Expand Your Seating Space

Installing a canopy for your business can extend the area you can comfortably do business in. For example, a restaurant can expand its seating area to include outside spaces while protecting its customers from the weather.

2. Increases Your Traffic

When you consider that a window canopy is much larger than a window sign, it makes sense that you can reach more potential customers with your canopy advertising than just placing a sign in your window. In addition, branded canopies can be seen much further and can be fully customized to fit your advertising and branding purposes.

Increasing visibility has a significant impact on increased business for any company that uses a physical space. The more people see your business; there is more chance your customer base will increase.

3. Client Comfort

With more people wanting to social distance during the pandemic, a weatherproof canopy makes the best sense. You can keep your customers cool and shaded in summer and dry during the wet months while they are outdoors, which means they’ll be more comfortable and more likely to stay longer at your establishment.

Of course, umbrellas are always an option, but they become cumbersome when you have to reposition them with the sun, and they won’t offer the same protection from the elements when it’s raining.

Don’t Be Left in the Rain

So there you have it. Installing a weather canopy is worth the investment when it comes to increasing your customer base and keeping your customers protected from the elements.

Now that you know the benefits of a shop front canopy, there should be no reason you need to give this any more thought. So if you’re in Ireland, get started with creating your best outdoor space by contacting us about the canopy of your choice.